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Download Amazon Prime Fleabag Season 1 Webseries

Download Amazon Prime Fleabag (sian clifford) Season 1

Download Amazon Prime Fleabag (sian clifford) Season 1 Webseries club

Fleabag (sian clifford) has a one-night stand with Arsehole Guy, before picking up another man on the bus, Bus Rodent, to whom she recounts how she split from her regular boyfriend, Harry. After being refused a business loan by Bank Manager for her failing café, she meets and argues with her high-achieving sister, Claire, at a feminist lecture. She visits her father and godmother, from whose home studio she steals a sculpture of a woman's torso. On a taxi ride home, she recounts how her best friend Boo (with whom she started the café) accidentally killed herself after her boyfriend cheated on her.

Fleabag (sian clifford) tries to sell the stolen statue to Claire's art dealer husband, Martin. She runs into Arsehole Guy, but the awkward sex that ensues makes her run back to her emotionally fragile, on-and-off boyfriend, Harry. Harry leaves her for good, however, after she scares him in the shower, and after he discovers that she has been lying about giving up masturbation.

Fleabag helps Martin buy a present for Claire, who is organising her own surprise birthday party. She reconnects with Bus Rodent and takes him to the party. To Fleabag's shock, Martin gifts the stolen sculpture to Claire. Later, a drunken Martin attempts to kiss Fleabag, but is rebuffed.

Courtesy of their father, Fleabag and Claire reluctantly visit a female-only silent retreat, where they frequently break the rule of silence. Fleabag admits to Claire that she stole the sculpture, and Claire asks her to return it. At the retreat, Fleabag runs into Bank Manager, who is attending a neighbouring workshop following a sexual harassment scandal at work. The two bond over their shared unhappiness. Claire reveals that she has been promoted to a lucrative position in Finland, but considers turning it down for the sake of her family. Fleabag attempts to persuade her to take the job by telling her of Martin's behaviour at the party. Source Fleabag - Wikipedia

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