We Can Be Heroes 2020 Hindi Dual Audio 480p
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We Can Be Heroes 2020 Hindi Dual Audio 480p

We Can Be Heroes 2020 Hindi Dual Audio 480p


We Can Be Heroes 2020 Hindi Dual Audio 480p 

Quality :- HDRip

Artist :- Pedro Pascal, Priyanka Chopra, Christian Slater

Language :- Hindi

Genres :- Action Comedy Drama

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We Can Be Heroes is a 2020 American superhero film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. It is a follow-up to The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (2005). Rodriguez was also cinematographer and editor of the film, which stars YaYa Gosselin, Lyon Daniels, Andy Walken, Hala Finley, Lotus Blossom, Dylan Henry Lau, Andrew Diaz, Isiah Russel-Bailey, Akira Akbar, Nathan Blair and Vivien Blair. It was released on December 25, 2020, by Netflix and received mixed reviews from critics. A sequel is in development.

Missy Moreno is at home with her dad, Marcus, when they receive word to come to the rescue of heroes where Missy has to go with her father and be with other Heroics' children. Missy meets the other children there: Wheels, who possesses super-intelligence; Noodles, who can stretch his body; Ojo, who is mute and communicates through art; A-Capella, who can move objects by singing; Slo-Mo, who is always in slow motion; Face Maker, who can make any face; Rewind and Fast Forward, twins that can alter time; Wild Card, who has immense power but no control over it; and Guppy, who has "shark strength" and can shape water into anything. Read More

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